Come in for a free hearing test and let us show what new Hearing Aids can do for you!


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Come in for a free hearing test and let us show what new Hearing Aids can do for you!

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For 9 years Matt Watson has been working with the hearing impaired of the Waterloo region and beyond. For the past year as an independent clinic owner Matt has been using the most modern hearing testing and fitting technologies, with the most innovative hearing aids to improve patients' quality of life. We spend the time to learn about your lifestyle, needs and issues before making a recommendation about treatment options. We pride ourselves on our reputation for high patient satisfaction and retention.

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We are a patient centered practice. By focusing on the hearing impaired individual and their personalized needs we can achieve the best possible results. Our goal is to make patients feel comfortable and understood, while increasing their understanding of the world around them. The greatest praise is an honest, enthusiastic referral.

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Thank you for choosing Watson Hearing Health for your hearing needs. We look forward to working with you to test your hearing and find the right hearing system to improve your quality of life.  We understand that a hearing loss is not a life or death issue, it is about quality of life. We will do our best to take the stress and confusion out of everyday interactions.

Our main focus is your satisfaction. We take the time to explain in detail every aspect of your hearing system.  We are never too busy for our patients, and every question has an answer, all you have to do is ask.


What to Expect

When you book your first appointment with Watson Hearing Health, we will start with a thorough, free hearing test.  We will then discuss your results, explaining the state of your hearing, and any hearing loss that exists. If a hearing loss is present, we will provide you with a demonstration of the latest hearing aid technology to show you how amplification can improve your life.

Hearing aids range from entry level technology all the way up to premium. We will discuss your lifestyle and needs to find the proper level for you. Once we determine the appropriate amplification we can add on accessories to aid with telephone calls, television and remote amplification.

Once you are fit with your new hearing aids we will maintain and care for them at no extra cost for the life of your hearing aids.

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